About Us

If you run a retail business which accepts card payments, then you may have already experienced debit, or credit card fraud. Credit card fraud techniques are getting ever more bold and ingenious. Retail businesses are at risk from all types of fraud, including refund fraud, friendly fraud and identity fraud. Developing a strategy to protect both your business and your customer’s has never been more vital.

If you have been wondering how to prevent fraud in your business, then Fraud Defence first can help you.

Who are Fraud Defence First?

Fraud Defence First is a dedicated fraud training business based in Plymouth, Devon. We help you to develop fraud risk management strategies.

As part of the Virtue Group, which includes card payment specialists Nexpay, we have the inside line on fraud prevention. Our expert staff are working with over ten years of experience in handling multi-million-pound revenues. Our fraud prevention techniques have helped major retail outlets, including Pandora and Toni & Guy. We have served an extensive portfolio of SME and medical businesses with expert card payment advice through sister company Nexpay.